Join me at one of my supper clubs for delicious food and a fun evening. 

I will be serving up informal Vietnamese and Chinese dishes – the kind I would have growing up. Some of these dishes handed down from my parents (who are excellent cooks) and others dishes I’ve picked up through the years.

Food will be served family-style around a large table, so dishes will be shared between guests.

See below for upcoming supper clubs. 

(Contact me if you are interested in booking for private dining)



4TH MARCH 2023


I am excited to host another Chinese Steamboat Station Supper Club evening on Saturday 4th March 2023.

(Tracks – Arches 437, Cranmer Road, London, E7 0JN)



“We loved the evening. It was fantastic to meet lots of new people and try a meal we’ve not had before. Fish balls in spicy broth are my new favourite thing!
Would 100% recommend to friends! Such a great way to bring people together

Would absolutely come to another- this time with envious friends in tow!”


– Tom L –

Great vibe!  Lots of chat, meeting new people, everyone seemed nice.  Food felt really authentic.  Good lighting and ambience.


The food was really good, and I also liked the combo of traditional Da Bin Lo with modern twist of being able to order any cocktail you wanted”


– Alex J –

“‘Four of us ‘ had a lovely evening at the Steamboat Supper Club. The food was exceptional with high quality ingredients and plenty to choose from. Everything was organise with great attention to details. We also had opportunity to meet some great like minded people.

We would highly recommend Casual Rice future event”

– Elvira –

“Fantastic concept. Meticulously planned, organised, and executed. Friendly, obliging, easy-going staff. Clear instructions and a great shared, participatory experience. Delicious food and generous portions (which were enthusiastically and repeatedly replenished throughout the evening). And we loved sitting with other people and making new friends.  

I think the other thing that really impressed me was how easy you made it – via the written instructions, ingredient guidance, and friendly encouragement from your staff – to get a really delicious dish together. I’m sure I’m not the only attendee who has been to one of those restaurants  in which the concept is for the customer to assemble the ingredients, and select sauces and seasonings to their taste, and then cook/barbecue it for themselves on a grill in front of everyone. The culinary result in such cases, in my experience, has almost always been inedible, and the experience generally unfulfilling and unedifying. That was most definitely not the case with your supper club. You helped make it easy for us to construct something delicious–100% of the time. 

I have already recommended it (this supper club) to all my friends”


– Tim B –

“We liked the atmosphere and the people we shared our Steamboat with. The food was lovely, the ingredients were of high quality and the two broths we cooked the food in were amazing. We very much enjoyed the experience and it was nice to try something new.”


– Alan H –

“We all had a really good time, it was fun. The food selection was probably my favourite thing, both in terms of variety and the generosity of the portions. It meant that of the three of us, I could have only vegetables, one of my friends had the meat and the other tried everything. The prawns were her favourite.


I would definitely recommend it to a friend and yes, I would go again.”



– Clare B –

“We both thoroughly enjoyed the Casual Rice Steamboat Station Supper Club Tracks. I was glad to see a broad range of options prepared for the vegan choice. The food was delicious. I liked that there were people on hand to top up various items and was grateful for the explanations regarding the menu and the menu card with the cooking times of the various ingredients was very clear and easy to use. Tracks is a perfect choice of venue with lots of options regards to wine, bee and cocktails. I’m looking forward to checking out other supper clubs that you may be organising in future.”


– Anonymous –