Homemade Pork & Prawns Vietnamese Spring Rolls


Deep fry frozen spring rolls for 8-10 mins in rapeseed or veg oil.

You need enough oil to cover the spring rolls. The oil needs to be between 170-180c.

Don’t overload the pan and make sure rolls do not stick together. Keep turning the spring rolls whilst it is cooking in the hot oil so that it turns evenly golden brown. Turn down the heat slightly if the spring rolls brown too quickly.

As soon as the spring rolls are cooked, transfer and place the rolls upright onto a colander lined with paper towel (or on top of grill rack) to drain and cool for a couple minutes before serving with dipping sauce.

* You can freeze the Vietnamese spring rolls up to 2 months.*


PORK & PRAWNS VIETNAMESE SPRING ROLLS: Wheat, milk, pork, prawns, black fungus, onions, carrots, sesame oil, soy, beansprouts, rice wine, cornflour, salt, ground pepper, pork granules (possible celery), mungbean vermicelli noodles & vegetable oil.

DIPPING SAUCE: Cider vinegar, sugar, fish sauce, garlic & chillies)